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Pond Use (Kimball Farms Community)

Fishing ONLY.

Residents and their guests. Catch and release ONLY. If the state requires you to have a fishing license, it is strongly recommended you have it before you begin to fish. Even though our ponds are private property, the DNR can patrol these ponds. Please Clean up when you are done.

If you notice non-residents fishing, please call the police, they are trespassing and are the ones usually leaving the garbage and tackle.

Even though the DNR will probably not patrol our ponds, you will need a fishing license.

The Master Association is working with us and the DNR to address the land erosion issue. Details and explanation is coming.

Important Information

Location: Grandview ct/Grandview Dr; Grndvw/highgate

Hours: dawn to dusk

Managed by ABC Property Managers, Inc.

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